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Our Services

There isn't a yard too small or too big for Cary's Lawn Service! We offer our services in all sizes of grassed areas, whether residential, commercial, or industrial.
·  Mowing
·  Weed Eating
·  Blowing
·  All debris is picked up prior to mowing and trimming

·  Fertilizing Mowing of all turf grass areas
·  Weed eating and edging all walks, drives and curbs as needed

Snow & Ice Maintenance
Tired of shoveling and waiting for the ice to melt? Whether its your sidewalk, driveway, or parking lot we will keep it clear of snow and ice.  We use ONLY Calcium Chloride as to not damage your concrete and work in temperatures well below "0". Your time will be freed up to come and go as you please as will your customers at your place of business.
·  De-Icing Lots & Parking Lots 

Bed and Shrubs    
·  Landscaping
Removal of weeds from garden areas
·  Pruning and shaping of all shrubs and hedges
·  Light pruning of trees
·  Installation of hardwood mulch and seasonal color
·  Removal of leaves in the fall

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